Classic Wow Call To War Patch

  • New PvP Honor system, allowing players to rank up based on PvP prowess
  • New holiday – Children’s Week
  • New appearances for level 60 mounts
  • Paladin and Warlock epic mount quests

There was no help for it; the seasoned troops on both the Horde and Alliance were becoming beleaguered. The fierce light of battle was fading from their eyes. Leaders feared retaliation by their enemy. assured that they would strike any day. Something had to be done to rekindle that fire. to return vigor to their valiant soldiers. The cities of Azeroth now grant ranks to their fighters. and the craftsmen of both sides have been working feverishly to provide their armies with new items for use in the war effort. Fight on. brave and noble adventurers. and achieve glory!

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