The Taurens

For the Tauren, life has progressed beyond their first appearance in Warcraft 3. Cairne Bloodhoof has successfully unified the nomadic Tauren tribes, founding the city of Thunder Bluff in their ancestral lands of Mulgore. True to his word, Cairne and the Tauren have remained loyal to the Horde since the days of the Third War. But not everyone is particularly satisfied with Cairne‚Äôs decisions.

The Grimtotem were the only Tauren tribe never to formally join the Horde. Their leader, Magatha Grimtotem, has taken up residence on Thunder Bluff. But her presence appears to be more for appearances than anything. While she hands out quests to players, her motives are questionable at best. Not to mention that Grimtotem scattered around the world are hostile to both Alliance and Horde.

Beyond that, the Tauren are living a mostly peaceful life, interrupted by the occasional Dwarven incursion of explorers looking for relics on sacred Tauren lands. Above all else, the Tauren seem to be focused primarily on establishing themselves as a united group of tribes, and helping the Horde where and when they can. It may not be the most intriguing story, but their involvement with the Forsaken and the internal strife with the Grimtotem are both interesting plot points.

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