The Trolls

The Trolls of the Horde are the Darkspear, saved by Thrall back in Warcraft 3 and now led by Vol’jin, Sen’jin’s son. It’s immediately apparent that things haven’t been going well since the Third War. The Echo Isles that the Darkspear originally settled on have been taken over by Zalazane, a witch doctor gone rogue. Although the Darkspear are valiantly fighting to take back their lands, they seem to be making little progress.

Beyond that, there are other enemies to consider as well. Remnants of the Kul Tiras fleet that brought Daelin Proudmoore are still actively threatening any Horde presence in Durotar. Much like the Tauren, the Trolls are trying to establish themselves in an uncertain future. The Darkspear Islands are gone, and Sen’jin is dead. His son took up the mantle of leadership, but he doesn’t exactly have a lot of experience under his belt.

In fact, Vol’jin isn’t really found in Sen’jin Village at all. In Classic, he spends his time in Orgrimmar, assisting Thrall and offering sound advice when and where he can. Vol’jin’s a little like Thrall in a way — they’re both relatively new leaders, they’re both seeking their destinies; they both want to help their people settle and thrive.

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