The Orcs

And then we have the Orcs — the backbone of the Horde. The Orcs have successfully founded the city of Orgrimmar in the dusty lands of Durotar. But they aren’t alone on Kalimdor. Although they were allied with the Night Elves and Humans for a time during the Third War, those days are over now. And while they may have freed themselves from the chains of demonic corruption in Warcraft 3, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world is suddenly okay with the Horde.

In fact, it’s anything but okay with their presence.

In the four years that have passed since the events in Warcraft 3, that tentative peace between Human, Night Elf, and Orc has all but evaporated. While Thrall is still intent on forging some kind of diplomatic ties with the Alliance, the rest of the Horde isn’t necessarily so eager to follow. This doesn’t stop Thrall from sending players on a variety of missions more diplomatic in nature than most, like dealing with the Syndicate in Alterac. He even tries to surreptitiously provide aid for the Dwarves of Ironforge, sending players to rescue Moira Bronzebeard.

None of it is really effective, though. The Horde and the Alliance are still enemies, and no amount of diplomatic actions is really going to change that. And there are those that would challenge the Horde itself, and Thrall’s place as Warchief. In the Eastern Kingdoms, a renegade group calling themselves the Dark Horde is operating out of Blackrock Spire. Led by Rend Blackhand, they cling to the bloodthirsty and savage ways of the Old Horde — and they don’t recognize Thrall or the new Horde as real.

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